psychotherapeutic medicine (Psy three). Fundamentals of ÖÄK diploma in psychotherapeutic medicine are.

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the Austrian Health-related Association.Critical: By acquiring a coaching certificate current specific disciplinary boundaries can (§ 31 para three ÄrzteG.) NOT be exceeded!The objective would be the acquisition of full psychotherapeutic skills for independent and responsible implementation of psychotherapeutic medicine in the inpatient and outpatient care, including paraphrasing examples mla preventive and rehabilitative measures.

The instructional requirements and capabilities consist of the recognition that psychotherapeutic therapy, prevention and rehabilitation of illness and illness states, social, somatic and psychological in their causation aspects play a significant function.The competencies and capabilities for diagnostics, differential diagnosis, on indications, for the particular remedy organizing and accountable implementation of psychotherapy are to become acquired.Knowledge of subjective practical experience of illness, coping at the same time as interactions involving somatic, psychological, familial and psychosocial elements will be the basis of personalized therapy.This integrative ability to carry out psychotherapeutic therapy is combined with and rule out other medical procedures.

Medical doctors that have completed a course on “Psychosomatic Medicine” and instruction candidates and health-related specialists in psychiatry requirement for participation is furthermore a good assessment in the admission procedure.Instruction duration / Stundener-fordernis.History of psychotherapy General productive variables of psychotherapy / Psychotherapy Investigation Basic and particular psychopathology – ICD ten diagnosis Biological basis of experience and behavior emotion, cognition, volitions theories overall health education and illness doctrine in Method Comparison psychopharmacology in the context of psychotherapeutic healthcare ethics of psychotherapy p. >

Strategy precise shares.The methodology of the psychotherapeutic medicine depending on the methodological mainstreams of psychotherapy. Psychotherapeutic medicine needs a cross-method and integrating strategy; this principle is borne inside the training bill.Methodological traditions of psychotherapy psychotherapeutic medicine:The psychodynamic tradition, the behavioral tradition, the systemic tradition, the humanist tradition.Introduction, theory and practice on the respective psychotherapeutic procedure.Therapeutic short-term strategies Therapeutic long-term strategies disorder-specific therapeutic approaches therapeutic practice in various settings (individual, couple, group and household therapy, outpatient and / or inpatient care) Self-awareness (person, group) Balint work supervision.For details about courses.

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